Ultrasonic Sieving Station MPS 30

Behind the type specification MPS-30 stands a mobile ultrasonic sieving station for use with higher powder requirements. With the integrated vacuum conveyor, the machine offers a feed capacity of 30 liters and sieves up to three liters of aluminum powder per minute. The sieving station can be operated autonomously on site via the integrated touch display and is also suitable for use with several printers. Facts that will convince you:

Facts that will convince you

  • Powerful ultrasonic sieve with long service life
  • Powder feed directly from the building chamber via vacuum conveying system with 30l feed volume
  • Inert gas purging and oxygen-monitoring
  • CE and EAC compliant
  • Weight control of the vacuum conveying system as well as the powder container
  • Sieve throughput aluminum 3l / min at 63 μm
  • Sieve throughput titanium or stainless steel 6l / min at 63 μm
  • ATEX and GOST certified
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Our powder screening stations MPS-30 in your process

1.Conveying of the powder from the 3D printer by means of vacuum into the screening station MPS 30

2.Inertizing and ultrasonic sieving of the used powder in the MPS 30

3.Removal of the container from the sieving station and transport to the 3D printer

Product description

In addition to the actual task of sieving, the MPS 30 sieving station also combines the functions of pneumatic conveying, recovery and inerting for larger installation spaces. Two integrated scales allow both gravimetrically defined emptying and filling of building spaces and a wide variety of containers.

Technical details

  • Screen with linear drive and ultrasonic cleaning
  • Screen area approx. 1200 mm2
  • Mesh sizes of 63, 75, 90 and 100 μm
  • Container volume:
    • Receiver – 30 litres
    • For correctly sized particles – up to 20 litres
    • For oversize particles – 5 litres
  • 7” HMI with clear menu navigation
  • Recipe administration for powder management
  • Operating voltage 110 – 230 V; 50 – 60 Hz
  • Max. power consumption 0.5 W
  • Air pressure 4 – 6 bar
  • Screening capacity (3 litres)
  • Titanium, nickel, stainless steel, approx. 30 seconds
  • Aluminium approx. 60 seconds

Dimensions / weight

Max. dimensions:

  • Width approx. 1050 mm (without hose)
  • Depth approx. 1100 mm
  • Height approx. 2100 mm

Weight (empty) approx. 450 kg net


  • Various suction lances
  • Containers for correctly sized and oversized particles
  • Output of the process data via USB
  • Individual integration into your processes
  • All the necessary piping and valves, etc.