Powder mixers: for homogeneous construction powders

The answer is in the mixture. Especially when the aim is to homogenise old, new and overflow powder before 3D printing. Powder mixers from IB Additive have an integrated scale so that different powders can be precisely metered as soon as they are being filled into the mixing container. The mixing itself is performed in just a few minutes and is so repeatable that any quantities of construction powder can be produced (and above all stored) with the same mixes and mixing ratios.

Facts that will convince you

  • They deliver accurate and repeatable blends
  • Offer connection nozzles for new and old powders
  • Achieve a thorough degree of mixing with an agitator
  • Have special fluidisation to ensure uniform mixing without any dead spaces
  • Can be integrated into automated systems
  • Also offer powder humidification
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Product description

The mixers from IB Additive operate with an agitator that is specially designed for mixing plastic powders to ensure the perfect and, above all, homogeneous mixing of the various recipe components. Connection nozzles and communication interfaces clear the way for integration into the existing material flow and automated system concepts.

Technical details

  • Agitator drive 0.55 kW

  • Stainless steel, 1.4301 (grade 304)

  • Industrial load cells (weighing cells) 3x 100 kg

  • DN100 outlet with vibration isolation (compensator)

Options / Dimensions

Our powder screening stations in your process

The screening stations from IB Additive offer maximum integration flexibility with a variety of 3D printers. By screening the new and used metal powder, you increase the probability of introducing qualified metal powder into the installation space.

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