MPS-4 screening station

MPS-4 screening station

4 MPS-4 screening station for metal powders

The mobile and compact MPS-4 powder screening station is the ideal entry-level powder handling system for small installation spaces. This machine works together with all common 3D printers in industrial additive manufacturing. Integration is simple.

Facts that will convince you

  • Compact screening station with an effective ultrasonic drive
  • Closed pipes within the machine
  • ATEX-compliant for Zones 20, 21 and 22
  • Various inert gases can be connected
  • Metal powder is extracted by suction lance
  • Compatible with all 3D printers
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Product description

The MPS-4 screening station also combines the functions of conveying, filling and evacuating with protective gas in one compact unit for the actual task of screening. Our entry-level, uncomplicated powder handling solution can be operated intuitively via the touch panel, works fully automatically based on recipes and creates a screening capacity of up to 720 kilograms per hour. The existing process data monitoring clears the way for integrating the machine into the customer’s own monitoring system.

Technical details

  • Intuitive and autonomous operation via touch panel

  • Screen with vibro-drive and ultrasonic cleaning

  • Screen area approx. 600 mm2
  • Mesh size from 63 μm (others on request)

  • Container volume:

  • Receiver – 4 litres

  • For correctly sized particles – 2 litres

  • For oversize particles – 1 litre

  • Operating voltage 110 – 230 V; 50 – 60 Hz

  • Max. power consumption 0.5 W

  • Inerting with argon and nitrogen

  • Air pressure 6 bar

  • Screening capacity (1 litre)

  • Titanium, nickel, stainless steel, approx. 30 seconds

  • Aluminium approx. 60 seconds

Dimensions / weight

Max. dimensions:

    • Width approx. 870 mm

    • Depth approx. 860 mm (inc. lateral connections)

    • Height approx. 1900 mm (without container)

Weight (empty) approx. 280 kg net


  • Various suction lances

  • Containers for correctly sized and for oversized particles

  • Output of the process data via USB

Our powder screening stations in your process

The screening stations from IB Additive offer maximum integration flexibility with a variety of 3D printers. By screening the new and used metal powder, you increase the probability of introducing qualified metal powder into the installation space.