Glovebox: emptying plastic powders safely

A variety of packaging containers with plastic powders can be emptied safely and dust-free using the Glovebox from IB Additive. Whether sacks or small barrels: To open and empty the packaging in a closed room, the operator uses the gloves that are attached in bushings. The Glovebox also features a viewing window to provide a full view of the work area. Taken as a whole, the unit performs an important air-lock function so that plastic powder is introduced that is free of impurities while the dust loads of the working area are kept low.

Facts that will convince you

  • It is designed for sacks and wide-neck drums
  • It features an integrated empty sack ejector
  • Forms the interface to the pneumatic conveyor
  • Keeps the production environment clean and free of dust
  • Ensures better ergonomics and occupational safety
  • Avoids contamination and wasting materials
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Product description

The Glovebox, in combination with its roller conveyor, ensures greater comfort when bringing plastic powder in bags or containers into the additive manufacturing process ergonomically, easily and professionally. The container is first pushed into the Glovebox through a sealing lamella curtain. Optionally, IB Additive also offers solutions for hermetic sealing. The unit is equipped with a connection nozzle for extraction systems or mounted filters. A filter cartridge can be attached to the housing to break the under-pressure created when closing the flap.

The unloading unit is usually placed above a down or delivery line. The empty sacks leave the Glovebox via an integrated discharge chute to which, for example, a disposal container or an empty sack compactor from IB is connected. The IB Additive Glovebox is therefore an important component for supplying the plastic powder for 3D printing processes, right through to the disposal of the packaging with little dust in one single operation.

Technical details

  • Stainless steel, type 1.4301 (also known as grade 304; other materials available on request)

  • Gaskets made of EPDM

  • Plates joined together without gaps

  • Hopper volume approx. 150 litres (others on request)

  • Lateral roller conveyor for the easy insertion of the sacks and barrels

  • Mounting plate for attaching a knocker to the hopper

  • Connecting nozzle for fluidising valves

  • Dedusting nozzle

  • ATEX

Dimensions / weight


    • Total width approx. 2200 mm

    • Total depth approx. 830 mm (without base plates)

    • Total height approx. 1800 mm (without filter)

Empty weight approx. 450 kg


  • Filter
  • Filling level indicator
  • Knocker
  • Fluidiser “mushroom” attachments
  • Metering and shut-off device
  • Interior lighting
  • Empty sack compactor
  • Integration in process control technology
  • Integrated feed pump, inc. soundproof housing

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