Emptying big bags: plastic powder from the big bag

The demand for raw materials is increasing due to the increasing importance of additive manufacturing in the production industry. The result: larger packaging units. In view of this development, plastic powders in big bags represent the benchmark for the efficient supply of raw materials for 3D printers, especially for series products.

Facts that will convince you

  • It makes the logistics with commercially available big bags fast, easy and efficient
  • Prevents the loss of raw materials due to residual quantities or spillage
  • Can also be used with low ceiling heights
  • Ensures better ergonomics at the workplace
  • Keeps the production environment clean
  • Permits more efficient work than small containers do
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Product description

Supplying plastic powder from big bags for additive manufacturing represents an attractive alternative to wide-neck drums or goods in sacks, especially in series production. The unloading station developed by IB Additive is loaded either by a forklift truck or an electric chain hoist. In both cases, the big bags are simply hung in a transport cross-member that can be conveniently used. The station itself is connected to the powder conveyor and is integrated seamlessly into the existing production environment during on-site assembly by specialists from IB Additive.

Technical details

  • Modular three-part frame for flexible adjustment
  • Structural components: 1.038, spray-finished
  • Components in contact with the product: in stainless steel 1.4301 (grade 304)
  • Double-pipe docking with clamping lid for low-dust connection of the outlet hose
  • Suction application for connecting to the piping system




  • Pneumatically operated clamping lid with two-hand operation

  • Discharge support by means of a rocker device

  • Metering and shut-off device

  • Upper frame with crane runway and electric chain hoist

  • Big bag cross-member for crane operation

  • Versions in other materials possible

  • Filling level indicator

  • Integration in process control technology

Our powder screening stations in your process

The screening stations from IB Additive offer maximum integration flexibility with a variety of 3D printers. By screening the new and used metal powder, you increase the probability of introducing qualified metal powder into the installation space.