Powder handling by IB. Into the future through full automation

Efficient handling of metal powders for additive manufacturing with metal

The additive manufacturing of components from metal powder is increasing all the time. This development is supported by individualised products with complex geometries, as well as the demand for production processes for small batches of goods. In this context, additive manufacturing has the potential to meet market needs directly in the form of printed goods and to make production processes more flexible as well.

More automation, greater safety and less danger to health

With solutions from IB Additive, production processes with 3D printers can be further automated. Moreover, our conveyor systems improve resource efficiency because no powder is wasted. This aspect is quite clear: The products do not become soiled and the production environment is not contaminated with powder. This is accompanied by improved occupational safety and health protection due to the lower emissions of inhalable powder particles.

Metal powder handling: our solutions for 3D metal printing

The systems for conveying, screening and storing metal powders for 3D printing in additive manufacturing are of modular design and can thus be flexibly configured. The special feature when handling metal powders is that the material is easily oxidised as a result of its chemical properties and its fineness of grain combined with a correspondingly large surface area. This high reactivity means that screening in particular must take place under a protective gas, i.e. in an inert atmosphere. Depending on the manufacturing requirements, conveying and storage may also be performed in an inert environment. This demanding process quickly shows the importance of relying on a coordinated concept when handling metal powders.