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Powder recovery in 3D printing

IB Additive offers a wide range of systems for the recovery of powders for industrial 3D printing in the powder bed process.Depending on the customer-specific production environment, there are both screening machines for purely manual container handling and powder handling as well as solutions with integrated vacuum conveying.
All IB Additive screening machines include proven ultrasonic systems, integrated inertization and residual oxygen monitoring. Integrated weighing assemblies allow accurate filling or emptying of a wide variety of containers.

Powder preparation in 3D printing

The powder materials used in 3D printing are often subject to the highest quality standards and require both a narrow particle size distribution and a high separation efficiency for a stable printing process. Oversize particles, oversize particles, agglomerations and foreign matter are therefore not permissible for quality reasons and must be reliably separated out.
For the preparation of fine powder materials in 3D printing, ultrasonic sieving has established itself as the most efficient form of protective sieving. This achieves high screen throughputs, optimum separation sharpness and efficient cleaning of the screen mesh. In addition, the varying ultrasonic vibrations reduce the frictional resistance between the powder grain and the screen mesh, and reliably remove the plug-in grain during the screening process.